Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caramoan: Food and Accommodation

Why Residencia de Salvacion and what made it exceptional?

I’ve been scouting for a Caramoan tour package that offers a reasonable price and an evenhanded service for our summer escapade. A good friend of mine recommended RDS a year ago, however, my quest on finding a nice place to stay in Caramoan didn’t stop. Through reading blogs and reviews I was able to list down three types of tour packages: a bit expensive, the cheaper, and the cheapest! Which of these made me choose Residencia de Salvacion and why? 

Since I have 3 on my list, I started to compare the price, place, food, itinerary and inclusion. Let me start with the inclusion, RDS offers free use of snorkeling equipment and Wi-Fi; breakfast when you arrive before 10 am; unlimited coffee, choco drink, tea and free packed lunch on the last day. So, I marked RDS for the two free meals and unlimited drinks which the others don’t have. As for the itinerary, the three offer the same islands and churches to visit. What about the food? 

Only RDS offers eat-all-you-can meals (not rationed) with snack in between meals. Now, let us go down to the price…our rule, we don’t mind the amount as long as it's worth the price...RDS is a bit expensive yet it offered more than what we’ve expected. 

unlimited coffee, choco drink and tea
True enough, the air-conditioned rooms are clean with a 32-inch TV, the beddings are just like in the hotel, the toilet with hot and cold shower are satisfactory, the air-conditioned dining and living area with videoke is simple yet elegant. 

entrance to room 3 and 4

They served not just eat-all-you-can food but scrumptious meals! Our tummies were always full of delectable dishes of squid, shrimp, and fish of expensive type, veggies, meat and mouthwatering fruits, as well as yummy snacks! We missed the crabs due to unavailability.  The staff served us warmly and treated us like a family. Ate Gina gave us another free snack aside from the free packed lunch on our last day!  So sweet gesture of her! They are highly commendable! So when our tour was finally over, the “a bit expensive” became “the cheapest or affordable” tour package! Kudos to Residencia de Salvacion! 


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